Alice G. Gosfield

Principal, Alice G. Gosfield and Associates, P.C.

Alice G. Gosfield Esq, of Philadelphia’s Alice G. Gosfield and Associates, PC, has a national practice devoted to health law and healthcare regulation with a special emphasis on physician representation, managed care, quality, fraud and abuse, and medical staff issues. A graduate of Barnard College and NYU Law School, she has been named as one of the top twenty-five health lawyers in the country in 2007 and 2009 and has been a Best Lawyer in America (Health Law) for more than twenty years. She served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Committee for Quality Assurance for five terms (1998-2002) and was President of the National Health Lawyers Association (now the American Health Lawyers Association) from 1992-93.

She was the founding Chairman of the Board of PROMETHEUS Payment Inc., and a member of the original and continuing Design Team. She is the first Chairman of the Board of the Healthcare Incentives Improvement Institute, Inc, (HCI3) the merger of PROMETHEUS Payment Inc and Bridges to Excellence, Inc.

Physician Compensation: Stark and The State of The Art

This crisp and focused session will decode the myths surrounding Stark compensation restrictions and will point out opportunities for creativity. It will elucidate some of the "safe-harbored" compensation models, but will go further. It will also present the findings from a survey of leading physician groups and lessons they have learned in deploying cutting edge physician compensation models to produce quality and value.

Bundled Payment: Practicalities, Governance, and Contractual Issues

Bundled payment models are proliferating despite almost no experience with them. This crisp and focused session will elucidate some basic concepts about bundled payment and distinguish it from other payment models. How bundles are created, triggered, and broken will be addressed. Critical issues which are often overlooked will be described.