Drew Barnholtz

Healthcare and Corporate Attorney, Schneider, Smeltz, Ranney & LaFond

Drew Barnholtz serves as an outside general counsel and compliance officer for skilled nursing facilities, hospice providers, home health providers, physician practice groups, durable medical equipment companies, pharmaceutical and start-up businesses. Drew has served as a general counsel and compliance officer for numerous health care organizations, and has firsthand experience assisting organizations in responding to government investigations (including serving as the Deputy General Counsel of Invacare Corporation, and the Assistant General Counsel for University Hospitals Health System). Drew also advises clients on commercial transactions, acquisitions & divestitures, compliance, licensure, bond financing, and a variety of agreements.

Recent Investigations and Enforcement Trends in Hospice Care

During 2012 alone, the Federal Government won or negotiated over $3.0 billion in health care fraud judgments. Reimbursement for hospice services has received special attention based on increased enforcement and reports issued by the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee regarding increased lengths of stay for hospice residents over the past several years. The OIG and DOJ have also frequently included hospice as an area of enforcement in their Work Plans and Annual Reports. Recent enforcement actions include those against Hospice of Arizona ($12 million), Ensign Group ($48 million), Hernando-Pasco Hospice ($1 million), and Hospice Care of Kansas ($6.1 million).

An Overview of the Affordable Care Act (aka Health Care Reform)

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Health Care Reform, has now been in effect for over a year. There's still quite a bit of confusion surrounding individuals and employers responsibilities, how the health care exchanges work, and what the key compliance and operational requirements are for participants in our health care system. Come learn the basics of how we got here and where we are going in terms of our health care insurance marketplace and delivery system.