Vilma E Matos

CEO, ELL Games, Inc.

Vilma E. Matos is a clinical bilingual social worker with over 35 years of experience working with the Latino community. In the past 20 years she has been providing individual, group and family interventions for Latino immigrant youth. She has presented on this topic to school districts, mental health clinics and at conferences on best practices when interfacing with this population.

Her dedication goes one step farther as she has designed a board game uniquely suited for Latino immigrants. My Journey to the United States - Mis Pasos a los Estados Unidos Board GameĀ© has been used by social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors and mental health workers throughout the United states as a facilitating tool to help these youth open up about their past and present experiences. Once trust is established, significant interventions and healing can begin.

Ms. Matos is also Vice President of the National Association of Puerto Rican/Hispanic Social Workers and currently works part-time as a bilingual therapist, school social worker, consultant and presenter all in the area of Latino immigrants.