Robert Shapiro

Founder and President, Cape Visions, Inc

Robert Shapiro is president of ProcessAnalytica. He founded CapeVisions and developed Analytics and Simulation software used by FileNet/IBM, Fujitsu, PegaSystems and Global360.

Prior to CapeVisions, he founded Meta Software Corporation and developed graphical modeling and optimization tools for business process improvement. These tools were used by BankAmerica, Wells Fargo, JPMChase and other banks to optimize check processing and LockBox operations.

In 2005 he was awarded the Marvin L Manheim Award for outstanding contributions in the field of workflow. As Technical Committee chair of the WfMC, he plays a critical role in developing international standards for workflow and business process management. He has been instrumental in the creation and evolution of XPDL and BPMN. He is currently co-chair of The Business Process Simulation Working Group developing standards to support sharing of simulation input and output data for process models based on BPMN and XPDL.

In his recent work he has created a workbench for process optimization, using Visual Analytics and 'hypergraphics' to integrate process modeling, simulation, analytics and optimization. His most recent work focuses on Process Discovery. He won first prize for his poster presentation at the 2015 Healthcare Process Improvement Conference.