Shiron Vick

Business Owner, Vick Companies, LLC

Shiron Vick is a father of three sons. As an administrator, Shiron served as a corruption investigator, safety and security manager for the City of New York for twelve years. After Shiron retired from law enforcement, he has become a consultant. Currently, Shiron is the president and owner of the Vick Companies, LLC. The Vick Companies is the parent company of Vick Investigations, LLC, Rehobeth, Inc (Non- profit), NACSP (National Association of Church Security Professionals), Vick Men Publishing and a safety contracting entity.

Mr. Vick received training from the US Military and the City Of New York. He is certified in MESH (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health), Homeland Security III (CHS III), and holds certificates in Security Management and Fire Safety Director. Also, he is an OSHA authorized Construction (500) and General Industry (501) outreach trainer and health and safety practitioner.

Vick currently serves on the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association (NSBA). Mr. Vick serves as a Consultant and policy developer for the following: Emergency Management (Business Continuity and E.A.P Plans) Health and Safety Coordination and OSHA regulations Fraud and Anti-Corruption Management Environmental Hazard Management

Recently, Vick Men Publishing released two books; Your Loved One is Talking, Please Listen! (a self-help, motivational book) and A Friend So Near, Letters to a Beautiful Brown Woman, (a poetry book).