A. James Cuticchia

Founder and CEO, AJC Legal Services

A.James Cuticchia has over 25 years academic and industry experience leading groups in computational biology, genomics, high-performance computing, software engineering, and genome data base construction. He has raised nearly $200,000,000 in research funding during his career. He has held numerous leadership positions including professorships at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Cuticchia founded the Ontario Center for Genomic Computing, a Top 500 Supercomputing Center and the largest supercomputing center devoted solely to addressing issues of life sciences. He also held several full and part-time industrial positions including Director of Computational Biology for the MITRE/Mitretek Corporation, Director of Bioinformatics and Genomics for ChemGenics Pharmaceuticals, Director of Drug Discovery Information Technology for Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Acting Vice President of Genomic Information for Ceres Genomics, and Acting CIO for SynX Pharmaceuticals, and scientific founder of New Chemical Entities. He was Director of Bioinformatics for the Research Triangle Institute.

While at Duke, Dr. Cuticchia held several concurrent bioinformatics positions within both clinical and translational research including Duke Bioinformatics Scholar. Dr. Cuticchia was ranked in 2001 as a Genome Technology All-Star, one of the Top 3 Bioinformaticians worldwide responsible for the success of the Human Genome Project. He has numerous publications including four books on the human genome and fifth book on microarray analysis released in 2009.

In May 2009 Dr. Cuticchia was awarded a Juris Doctor degree from North Carolina Central University (magna cum laude) where he previously served on the NCCU Law Review and was Managing Editor of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Review. He formed AJC Legal Services in 2009 to practice intellectual property and help entrepreneurs in the area as well as Patent Law. He works with the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Law Institute in Durham, NC in the area of research and development. He continues to consult in the biotechnology area as o the film and television industry on biotechnology matters. His most recent book, Genetics: a Handbook for Lawyers, published by the ABA is a bestseller. In 2013, his newest book “Bioinformatics Law” which he edited by Jorge Contreras was published by the ABA as well