Maggie Gunter

President, LCF Research

Maggie Gunter , PhD. Director of Medical Outcomes Research, Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Gunter is an experienced and respected health services researcher and medical sociologist who was among the early innovators in disease management, case management, and use of data to evaluate and improve care and measure population health. She founded the Lovelace Clinic Foundation 25 years ago, a non-profit health research and innovation institute that worked with the large integrated Lovelace Health System in the mid-1990s to establish and evaluate its groundbreaking Episodes of CareĀ® (EOC) disease management program.

In this EOC initiative, Dr. Gunter's team and Lovelace achieved significant care and cost improvements in 18 conditions and provided national and international training to many health professionals to share their successful model for integrating evidence-based medicine into practice, thus improving care, costs, and outcomes. This pioneering work and its dissemination have provided the foundation for other nationally recognized programs, including Project ECHO.