Larry David Bowe

Principle Consultant, Food Safety Instructor, Food Safety Navigator, dba FrontLine Food Safety

Larry David Bowe is a Principle Consultant- Food Safety Certified Instructor with 36 plus years of experience in Hospitality, Food Safety Management, fostering positive growth and promoting opportunities for commercial as well as progressive healthcare organizations. Larry believes in Promoting Global Food Safety as the Catalysis for organizational growth, and responsible food safety and sanitation practices as the framework that creates a culture of food safety.

Larry has employed over 36 years of Food Safety Management, 18 years in Healthcare, specific to keeping seniors and those that are most vulnerable to food safety risk.

Larry is the founder, and principle consultant of Food Safety Navigator, authoring topics on 'Establishing a Culture of Food Safety, 'Building a Frontline Defense' as well as offering tools that deliver 'Just in Time Solutions' to include over 450 PDF topics on food handing, safety and prevention. Food Safety Navigator goal is to offer online, downloadable content to assist industry stakeholder's tools to 'close knowledge gaps' as well as 'correct poor performance and behavior' of front-line staff.