Caregiving 101

Date: Thursday September 23, 2021

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 90 Minutes
Instructor: Dr. Kori Novak
Webinar Id: 802490
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Many would think that the art of caregiving comes as a natural instinct. However, the "instinct" to give care is more to keep another being alive with basic necessities.

The "art" of caregiving involves empath, compassion, intellect and focus. Proving more than basic needs or assistance with activities of daily living, caregiving as we know it can have many more facets .

This webinar will explore these facets focusing first on the fundamentals of caregiving and then the art of caregiving. It will also help determine who caregivers are and how to help those who find themselves caring for their own offspring, as well as loved ones who are aging, or have significant cognitive or physical challenges.

We will examine how individuals who find themselves far from those they are called to care for can be successful and find their caregiver duties fulfilling as opposed to burdensome. We will give you tops and tricks to make it easier for both you, your family and your loved ones who are far away.

Further, we will dig into the challenges of caring for loved ones who have disabilities, cognitive challenges or progressive diseases, looking at not only communication methods but fundamentals of basic medical care as well as signs when you need to call in medical professionals.

Finally, we will dig into care during the end of life stages, what to expect and what needs to be done. We will discuss working with families, both those who are grateful and those who are difficult. Then we will focus on you, the caregiver. How do you successfully navigate these waters without losing yourself. How to deal with the feelings of regret or guilty and why you need to take care of yourself through the process.

Overall, this webinar will focus on making you a successful, empathetic and compassionate caregiver who not only can support another person, but truly understands the "art" of caregiving.

Why you should Attend:

    Caregiving seems like it would come naturally. However, as more and more people are finding themselves as caregivers for their aging loved ones they find that caring and caregiving are two different things, particularly if you are doing it from afar.

    This webinar will give you tips and tools to be an effective and loving caregiver to the 16.6% of the adult population who find themselves in need of a gentle helping hand.

    Areas Covered in the Session:
    • What is caregiving
    • Who are caregivers?
    • Dilemmas for the sandwich generation
    • Long distance caregiving
    • Caregiving for developmental challenges
    • Caregiving for disease states (Cancer, Dementia)
    • Caregiving at the end of life
    • Dealing with families
    • Caring for the caregiver
    Who Will Benefit:
    • Adults with aging or ailing loved ones

Speaker Profile
Dr. Kori Novak is an expert in familial (or non-professional or paid) caregiving. While her focus has been end of life, she also has represented familial caregivers in places like the White House Conference on Aging as a delegate from the state of CA. Her specialty in caregiving for families was borne out of her own very personal experiences with her own family.

She earned her PhD in Human Services where she focused this passion into her own intellectual exploration of aging and dying withing the US prison system.

Moving on she went to the Stanford School of Medicine where she did her post-doctoral work looking at ethno-geriatrics in the prison setting, Dr. Novak has been a noted researcher and expert in trauma, narrative medicine and health equity for underserved populations.

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