Excel - Essential Tips and Tricks for the New User

Duration: 60 Minutes
Instructor: Mike Thomas 
Webinar Id: 803820


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Our training equips you with essential Excel tools and techniques, enabling you to master its full potential. Excel's versatility in data visualization, management, and analysis makes it a crucial asset in any professional toolkit. By embracing this training, you'll set the standard in your workplace.


Embark on a journey to spreadsheet proficiency with our comprehensive Excel training tailored for beginners. This expertly designed session is the perfect launchpad for individuals with a foundational understanding of spreadsheets who aspire to delve deeper.

If you recognize a spreadsheet, can effortlessly navigate its interface, and are adept at basic data entry and editing, this session promises to elevate your skills to new heights.

Our training pledges to lay down a robust foundation, arming you with a repertoire of indispensable tools and techniques. Unleash Excel's full potential by mastering its essential features, ensuring you progress from novice to adept with remarkable speed and confidence.

Why should you Attend: In an era where data is king, Excel's prowess as a tool for visualization, management, and analysis of information is unparalleled. Its significance transcends industries and job roles, positioning it as an invaluable asset in any professional toolkit.

Whether you're crunching numbers, organizing complex data, or simply streamlining daily tasks, Excel's versatility makes it a ubiquitous necessity across all professional landscapes. By embracing this training, you ensure you're not just keeping pace but setting the standard in your workplace.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Discover lightning-fast data entry shortcuts to save precious time
  • Transform your data into a visual masterpiece with advanced formatting techniques
  • Master the essentials: Cut, Copy, Paste - the foundational trio of data manipulation
  • Implement Conditional Formatting to dynamically alter cell appearance based on specific conditions
  • Construct basic formulas to perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication with ease

Who Will Benefit:
  • This course is aimed at individuals at the start of their Excel journey. If you're eager to expand your Excel expertise beyond basic familiarity, this training will serve as your stepping stone to becoming a proficient user

Speaker Profile
Mike Thomas has worked in the IT training business since 1989. He is a subject matter expert in a range of technologies including Microsoft Office and Apple Mac. In 2012 He founded theexceltrainer.co.uk where he has produced nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials. He has recorded several Excel training courses for pluralsight.com and in his career delivered hundreds of courses and webinars on a wide variety of technology-related topics.

Mike is a Fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute and has worked with and for a large number of global and UK-based companies and organisations across a diverse range of sectors. In addition to training, he also designs and develops Microsoft Office-based solutions that automate key business tasks and processes.

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