Final Omnibus Rules: What Key Changes You Should Have in Place Now

Duration: 60 Minutes
Instructor: Holly Schlenvogt
Webinar Id: 800281


One Attendee


The focus of this presentation is to help covered entities and business associates understand what key changes they should have in place now, based upon the final omnibus rules. In this session, you will learn about significant changes to the HIPAA privacy and breach notification rules and some minor changes to the security rule.

Discussions will also include information from the comments to the rule which provided informative guidance to the changes, as well as clarifications for existing rules. Tips to comply with these changes will be reviewed.

Why should you Attend:Determining what changes organizations need to put in place to be in compliance with the final omnibus rules can be frustrating and take a lot of time. Many organizations are still struggling to figure out what they need to do to be in compliance with the original HIPAA rules. The compliance date of the final omnibus rules has come and gone (9/23/13; with a transition compliance date for previously compliant business associate agreements of 9/22/14). If your organization has not reviewed and updated its HIPAA compliance program, it is at risk of penalties, such as fines and corrective action plans. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is increasingly penalizing organizations for they investigate incidents reported by patients and employees.

In addition, the OCR will likely resume its random audit program, which could also result in penalties. One common theme for OCR penalties provided is not having appropriately documented and implemented policies and procedures. Attend this webinar to learn what significant changes you should put in place to avoid being penalized. Important note for business associates: the final omnibus rules extended liability to you and requires you to comply with most of the HIPAA rules. Essentially, the OCR may audit, investigate, and provide you with penalties. In other words, your organizations are significantly impacted by the final omnibus rules.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Applicability
  • Breach notification rule
  • Business associates
  • Privacy rule
  • Security rule
  • Penalties

Who Will Benefit:
  • Privacy Officers and their employees
  • Compliance Officers and their employees
  • Risk Managers and their employees
  • Health Information Management leaders and staff (HIM)
  • Health care attorneys
  • Clinic Managers/Directors
  • Privacy and security consultants
  • Business associates and subcontractors

Speaker Profile
Holly is a privacy and security consultant who has worked with the HIPAA privacy and security rules for over eleven years. She is recognized for helping small to large sized organizations understand and become compliant with these regulations in an organized, ethical, and straightforward way. Holly has extensive experience in developing and implementing customized policies, procedures, forms, and education programs. In addition, she has facilitated security risk analyses for over 80 covered entities and business associates. She developed a comprehensive toolkit to streamline this process. During her eight year tenure as a Privacy Officer for an integrated community-based health care system, she developed and oversaw all privacy and security initiatives. Holly has over 20 years of diverse health care experience in a variety of patient care settings.

Active with HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin (HIPAA COW) since 2002, Holly is currently a Board member, the Executive Vice President, and on the Privacy & Security networking groups. She also leads their Risk Management networking group which wrote the HIPAA COW Security Risk Analysis & Risk Management Toolkit. At a national level, she is on several privacy and security networking groups with other Regional Extension Centers which create resources to help organizations meet the privacy and security meaningful use requirements. She has spoken at several conferences and webinars.

Holly has a Master of Science in Health Services Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Certificate in Ethnic Studies, and a Certificate in Project Management.

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