Incident to Billing Services

Duration: 60 Minutes
Instructor: Rhonda Granja
Webinar Id: 801655


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By completing this NPP training session, you will receive the practical tools you need to get paid as much as ethically possible for your NPP services (without crossing any lines), and know what changes are necessary to get your NPP documentation into compliance.


Incident-to coding for your non-physician practitioners (NPPs) services in conjunction with a supervising physician continues to generate confusion- and 2018 will be no exception.

So, it's no surprise that these claims generate higher than average denials, and lead to hefty penalties for physician practices ranging from $163K to $1.5 million - but they don't have to.

Obviously, being paid 100% vs. 85% for your NPPs services is the goal. However, correctly maneuvering through complex incident-to guidelines so you can avoid audits and fines is anything but easy. That's where expert coder, Rhonda Granja, B.S., CMC, CMOM, CMA, CPC, comes in. Rhonda has put together a 60-minute training session to help you cut through the confusion of these difficult coding situations.

Even if you don't see Medicare patients, you should still take note. Private carriers usually end up following suit with CMS at some point.

Why should you Attend: Here are just some of the practical, step-by-step NPP coding tactics you'll receive by completing this concise, plain-English session:

  • Master incident-to billing and boost your NPPs reimbursement by up to 15%
  • Pin down what "direct supervision" REALLY means
  • Get clarification on NPP E/M services (99211)
  • Boost your pay-up by using 2015 critical care management codes for your NPP services
  • Comply with your State's guidelines and reduce denials and repayments more accurately
  • Maximize your reimbursement with NPPs role in transitional care management
  • And so much more

By completing this NPP training session, you'll receive the practical tools you need to get paid as much as ethically possible for your NPP services (without crossing any lines), and know what changes are necessary to get your NPP documentation into compliance. It also doesn't matter what type of NPP your practice is utilizing either. (i.e. PA, NP, CRNA, CNM, CNS, etc.).

The only way you will receive accurate, compliant, optimal payments is to have a firm understanding of these complex rules & guidelines. If you expect to file even one NPP services claim in 2016 you should absolutely order this training session, don't wait, order today.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Who can bill under "incident to" and when?
  • Can one physician bill "incident to" on another's?
  • What about a new physician?
  • What does direct supervision mean?
  • Can a nurse bill under "incident to"? We will try to clarify this for you
  • What services are permissible when the doctor is not on the premise?
  • Explanation of the Medicare guideline
  • What about E/M code 99211
  • Is there a difference concerning private payers?
  • What services can my nurse bill for?
  • What can be done under general supervision
  • Can "Incident To" services be performed in the hospital setting?

Who Will Benefit:
  • All Personnel involved with Compliance
  • Coding
  • Billing and Reimbursement
  • Financial Analysts
  • Health Information Management Personnel
  • Financial Personnel
  • Patient Financial Services Personnel
  • Chargemaster Coordinators
  • Provider-Based Clinic and/or Clinical Operations Personnel
  • Physicians and Practitioners
  • Other Interested Personnel
  • Clinical Operations Staff
  • Practice Managers
  • Nurses

Speaker Profile
Rhonda Granja is a certified professional coder and certified medical assistant. Rhonda has been in the medical office profession since 1990 and is currently working as an independent medical consultant. She has been involved extensively in medical advocacy. Rhonda has done the necessary follow-up work and has a proven track record for winning insurance appeals. She is involved with multiple medical groups and has also developed staff motivation techniques. Rhonda enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others in this profession.

Her vast experience has been achieved by actively working in all areas of a medical practice - everything from the front desk to the clinical side. Rhonda is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders; Medical Group Manager's Association, and the Consumer Family Advisory Committee.

She has extensive knowledge of billing and reimbursement related to managed care and commercial carriers as well as Medicare and state funded products. Rhonda has a wealth of experience and her passion for speaking tends to get attendees excited about what they do. Aside from her professional relationships, she makes time to advocate with the non-profit organization, Autism Speaks

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