Project Management in Healthcare

Duration: 90 Minutes
Instructor: Tiffany Chhuom
Webinar Id: 801941


One Attendee
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At this webinar, the speaker will explain the concepts of "project" and "project management" , and will show the difference between programs and projects.


While the universal language defined by the PMI does not always translate to the jargon regularly used by healthcare professionals, the majority of work performed by most healthcare professionals includes, or is completed defined by, project-specific work.

By attending this webinar, you will be able to answer:

  • Why the field of Project Management deserves its own designation?
  • How one can become a credentialed PM?
  • When does it makes sense to prepare for the PMP exam or to recruit a more seasoned PMP?
  • What are the shortcomings of the PMP, specific to Healthcare?

  • Why you should Attend:
    • Define the "project" and "project management"
    • Distinguish between programs and projects
    • Differentiate between "operations" and "project staff"
    • Learn some of the principles brought forth by PMI for project success
    • Identify the key components required by PMI to become a credentialed PM (PMP)
    • Write an appropriate job description for PM’s in healthcare
    • Recruit and interview effective PM's for hospitals and medical clinics
    • Review the overall phases of a project
    • Understand how to reach successful project completion

    Areas Covered in the Session:
    • Project Management-definition
    • Project Phases
    • PMP credential
    • Knowledge areas defined by the PMI
    • Hiring and recruiting PM's
    • Carrying lessons learned from one project to the next
    • Common challenges PM's face in healthcare face

    Who Will Benefit:
    • Any staff member with a large complex assignment
    • Administrative Professionals
    • Office Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Managers
    • HR Personnel
    • Small Business Owners
    • Aspiring Project Managers
    • CEOs
    • Presidents / VPs
    • Directors
    • Anyone in a supervisory position
    • Payroll Administrators / Managers
    • All Employees
    • Departmental Managers
    • Executives
    • Project Managers
    • Project Supervisors
    • Leaders in any capacity

Speaker Profile
Tiffany Chhuom, MSW, MPH, CDP-T, LSWAIC is the owner of EthTech, a healthcare consulting and training firm for the Digital Era, and Lucy in the Sky Therapy, an on-line private practice for neurodiverse adults. With 18 years of experience in healthcare, she holds four degrees in four disciplines from the University of Washington producing notable achievements in practice, policy, research and administration across the Public Health, Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Child Welfare sectors. She has lead large projects across the country in behavioral and medical research while also fine tuning her craft as a trauma and addiction therapist.

Special populations near and dear to her heart include veterans, injection drug users, people living with HIV, survivors of sexual violence, and gifted adults with co-occurring ADHD. Mrs. Chhuom is a long-time mentor and applauded speaker, creating new opportunities to advance course offerings and continuing education on telemental health ethics and digital marketing for providers and healthcare partners.

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