RCM - Track Your Revenue Cycle and Maximize Performance

Duration: 60 Minutes
Instructor: Rosemarie Nelson
Webinar Id: 800086


One Attendee


What are the methods and processes that maximize the performance of the revenue cycle in a medical practice? This session addresses the full cycle and focuses on those procedures and processes that deliver operational efficiency and effectiveness in revenue cycle management from patient intake through to a zero balance account.

Learn best practice tactics and practical steps to maximize front-end billing processes and optimize collections at the time of service, more important than ever with today's consumer-directed health plans. Identify best practices in back-end billing to take advantage of the latest technologies and services in claims submissions, automated payment posting, and denial and reimbursement management that will effectively utilize staff resources while maximizing reimbursement and collections. Determine what numbers to benchmark and how frequently to quickly identify a warning sign for a potential reduction in your reimbursement.

Why should you attend: Do you know if you are achieving best practice standards in accounts receivable management? Does it take your practice too long to collect or are your write-offs and adjustments too high? Are you getting the best results based on the number of staff you employ? Have you optimized your technology? Do you know your claim denial rate on first submission? Have you determined that you are not leaving any money on the table with a reimbursement analysis? What are your days in A/R? What percentage of your accounts receivable is over 120 days old?

If you cannot answer any of these questions, or are concerned about how your responses measure up, invest 60 minutes to improve your RCM.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Identify staffing models to maximize RCM
  • Determine the appropriate use of technology in the revenue cycle
  • Understand the impact of staffing and productivity
  • Learn how to effectively manage claims

Who Will Benefit:
  • Practice Administrator
  • Practice CEO/CFO
  • Physician Managing Partner
  • Revenue Cycle Director
  • CBO (Central Billing Office) Manager

Speaker Profile
Rosemarie Nelsonexperience in medical office management and information technology, combined with her years of consulting to physicians and practice professionals, gives her unique insight into the needs and challenges facing physicians and medical practices. Rosemarie conducts educational seminars and provides keynote speeches on a variety of healthcare technology and operational topics.

As a medical practice management consultant, Rosemarie has established significant expertise in system implementation. Key to her qualifications and success is the business analysis method for evaluating processes and needs, and applying solutions to information systems applications. As a manager in the Office of the Future project, she led new technology planning and development for improved clinical operations.

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