Structuring and Auditing Physician Leases Under the New Stark Rules

Duration: 60 Minutes
Instructor: Joseph Wolfe
Webinar Id: 803678


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Mr. Wolfe will discuss Stark Law compliance, auditing best practices for healthcare leases, penalties, and defensible leases to avoid penalties and federal program exclusion.


In this session Mr. Wolfe will provide a general Stark Law overview. He will also discuss best practices for auditing existing space leases, timeshare leases and equipment leases for Stark Law compliance.

Why should you Attend: Recent alleged violations of the Stark Law have resulted in penalties in the hundreds of millions of dollars for health care organizations, along with the risk of exclusion from federal health care program and imposition of 5-year corporate monitoring programs. As health care organizations enter into and audit lease arrangements, they must be sure that the lease, the rental rate and the rental formula are defensible under the Stark Law.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • An overview of the Stark Law
  • Key ways to comply for space, timeshare and equipment leases
  • The "Big 3" requirements of fair market value, commercially reasonable and the prohibition on taking into account referrals
  • Best practices for auditing lease arrangements

Who Will Benefit:
  • In-House Counsel
  • Health Care Compliance Officers
  • Health Care Human Resources
  • Health Care CFOs
  • Health Care executives

Speaker Profile
Joseph Wolfe is an attorney with Hall Render, the largest healthcare-focused law firm in the country. Mr. Wolfe supports high-performing hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and other healthcare organizations nationwide on complex financial, legal, regulatory, and strategic issues both as a consultant and attorney, depending on the scope of support, client preference, and need. He is a frequent speaker for most of the national healthcare trade associations and has given over 200 in-person, web-based, and podcast presentations in recent years. He is the leader of Hall Render’s healthcare regulatory practice group and currently serves as the vice chair of educational programming for the American Health Law Association’s Fraud & Abuse Practice Group. He is licensed as an attorney in both Florida and Wisconsin.

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