The Arrival of Coronavirus in the Workplace

Duration: 90 Minutes
Instructor: Brenda Neckvatal
Webinar Id: 801990


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This is sessions provides current updates and information on the fast developing environment around the Coronavirus in the workplace.

The circumstances surrounding the coronavirus are continuing to develop each day, and with the rapid-fire nature of the modern media, details vary from broadcast to broadcast, leaving the audience in fear and confused as to what next steps they should take.

Having a plan is the best course of action, and with the changing national condition, employers are feeling the pressure of growing concern.

As this pandemic continues to unfold each day, there are steps employers can take to prepare their workforce, encourage behaviors, and manage the business environment effectively so employees can continue to remain engaged and reduce the risk of panic and concern.

Background: This session provides participants with current helpful tips to address the rapid changing circumstances and concerns in managing the Coronavirus threat in the workplace.

Why should you Attend: Participants should attend this webinar if they:

  • Have concerns about the impact of the coronavirus in the workplace
  • Have employees who travel to foreign countries
  • Are in HR or new to HR
  • Are in a leadership position and are working building a plan to address the company‚Äôs response to the coronavirus

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Understand what impact the coronavirus, influenza, and colds have on the workplace
  • What precautions employers and managers can take to mitigate the spread of the possible coronavirus, influenza, and the common cold
  • Communicate effectively with employees through company-wide communication channels and managers
  • Avoid the risks of miscommunication
  • How to manage both Exempt and Non-exempt employees if the need arises for telecommuting and more

Who Will Benefit:
  • HR Generalists
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Payroll Staff
  • Small Business Administrative Assistants
  • Business Owners who are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus and ow absenteeism will impact productivity
  • Anyone who is a New or Experienced Manager and Supervisor

Speaker Profile
Brenda Neckvatal Nominated for the Stevie's American Business Award and again for the Stevie's International Business Award, Brenda is an experienced practicing Human Resource professional and business consultant with vast experiencing spanning 30 years. She has experience working for five Fortune 500 corporations, consulted over 450 C-Suite executives, and led the reformation of HR infrastructure within 400 small businesses. Driven with a high level of compassion for business operators, she engages in helping business leaders in all industries solve their complicated people problems.

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