Maria K Todd

CEO and Founder, The Mercury Healthcare Companies

Maria K Todd Contracting strategy and organizational development (OD) for integrated health delivery systems has been a passion and a pursuit of our workshop leader since 1983. Maria Todd started her career in health administration in the multi-specialty group practice setting, and later designed and developed more than 150 IPAs, PHOs and MSOs during the Clinton Administration. In 1995, McGraw Hill and HFMA co-published her book, The Managed Care Contracting Handbook, and then in 1997, her book, title IPA, PHO, MSO Development Strategies was released. Both how-to books were written to help providers develop reimbursement strategies and design, plan and launch integrated health systems. Each sold more than 4000 copies. Considering there are about 7500 licensed hospitals in the USA, that number is considered a smashing success. In 2009, the sequel to ththe Contracting Handbook was updated and in 2012, her book, Physician Integration and Alignment: IPA, PHO, MSO ACOs and Beyond, was published by CRC | Productivity Press Both are once again, breaking industry sales records. She's been analyzing and negotiating managed care contracts and practicing organizational development as a facilitator since the 1980s.

In 2010, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Maria Todd the registration of a new term of art, the Globally Integrated Health Delivery System® for her application of the integrated health system concept and operations to the medical tourism and health travel arena. She built the first and only globally integrated health delivery system which combined all the elements of ACO accountability, predictive modeling, case management, provider credentialing and privileging, quality, safety, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction metrics, telehealth and telemedicine technology applications, electronic medical records, international cloud-based data and privacy security, and TPA operations for provider claims settlement and bill audit. To this, she added a fully-documented system to manage complex and specialized health travel logistics coordination to the mix.

Maria has professional work experience as an HMO Provider Contracting Manager, IPA Executive Director, Health Law Paralegal and Mediator, OR Nurse, Multi-Specialty Practice Administrator, Hospital & Surgicenter Administrator, and Care Navigator. As a professional speaker and trainer for various event sponsors, conference organizers, and trade associations, she has presented more educational programs (>2700) in managed care and integrated health delivery systems development than any other presenter in the world. She is also the author of 14 commercially-published handbooks.

Planning And Strategy Development For Managed Care Contract Renewals

Healthcare providers often overlook leverage they don't realize they have because they don't know how to research the market properly. In other instances, providers fail to maintain their contracts until the rate or other problems become untenable.In still other instances, they simply "expect" economic adjustments to rates without a corresponding defined value proposition.